You are not going to believe this one!

One of our parents has had the ‘proposal of pro’s and con’s’ (suggested here) created by Hollie Parrish (presented here) sent to them.

Unfortunately they have also kindly been informed that they are covered by copyright and they legally CANNOT share them unless wishing t0  invite the Lumen Christi Legal Team to start proceedings.

This move by the Lumen Christi MAC sums up exactly what they are about. Forcing parents into a corner, making them submit to their will, whether it is right or wrong and breaking the fellowship of its parents.

For those of you wishing to know more about what these minutes say, there’s a pretty easy way to state what it’s all about – It’s all about St Thomas Aquinas. The primary schools and their needs do not get a look in. The concerns of their principals do not get a look in. In fact, the thought process of other Non Catholic sixth form centre’s have more sway than that of the Lumen Christi Primary schools.

We are very interested to find out if the Primary School principals had an opportunity to even see the proposal before it was given to the Board Directors. We doubt it very much!

We don’t know what they were thinking by suggesting use of their legal team?  For your convenience just cut and paste this into an email and send it to Hollie Parrish on if you wish to find out what the turning point of this decision was.


2 thoughts on “You are not going to believe this one!”

  1. Hi all.

    I have been in communication with Hollie from the Lumen Christi Academy about the document containing the proposal for and against changing the terms dates. I obtained the document under a FoIR.

    Hollie referred me to ‘Intellectual property rights and disclosures under the Freedom of Information Act’, published by the ICO when I asked what the License was or what rules of copyright where applied to the document.

    I think the document for the pros and cons of changing the dates can be shared under what the ICO term as a fair dealings provision.

    Under the fair dealings provision the information in the document (changing the term dates) can be debated publicly because it serves the public interest of increasing accountability and transparency and as such can be subject to criticism, review and news reporting.

    I acknowledge and reference the work that the Lumen Christi Academy Company created for this document.

    You can download the document here

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